NORTH - a digital tale

NORTH is an interactive narrative that offers a new nordic aesthetic through a playful and multi-sensory reading experience through text, image, sound and animation. 

NORDic realm 

The nordic myths are brought to life, when the girl North searches for her mother and meets the squirrel Ratatosk, the dragon Nidhug and the dwarfs East and West - and finds out that Ragnarok is under way. 

Visually, we have created a nordic aesthetic that is far from the Valhalla-books and Tolkien - a completely new expression - a nordic universe inspired by Japanese animé  film. 


Nordic reading and communication:  It is our hope that children in the nordic countries will be able to read the app-novel simultaneously and encourage interest and communicate with us and each other about the material, reflecting over how they see themselves as children in these countries and their common roots.


To test the reading experience and ensure distribution to children in the Nordic countries, the developers have teamed up with schools and libraries in Iceland, the Faroe Island and Danmark - as well as the Nordic Association ( that has developed a platform for cultural communication within the schools in the Nordic countries. 

The project has been funded by the Nordic Culture Fond and the Danish Art Foundation and the prototype has abeen tested at workshops with Icelandic and Danish schoolchildren.